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Krople do oczu. As a proof that our diapers - in their product group - are less polluting for the environment while maintaining high standards in the field of human health protection, they have obtained the Blauer Engel certificate. Learn more about subscription benefits. Wszystkie Gazy. Demakijaż, oczyszczanie twarzy. Sole i kule do kąpieli. Wszystkie Antygen prostaty. Akcesoria kuchenne. Smoczki i karmienie Smoczki i karmienie. Preparaty na ciemieniuchę. Produkty do prania i czyszczenia Produkty do prania i czyszczenia. That's why we made sure that nothing gets out on the baby's back, especially during sleep. Preparaty przeciw wypadaniu włosów kosmetyki.

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Płyny i żele do kąpieli. Wszystkie Pieluchy. Kremy do przewijania. Wszystkie Szampony do włosów dla dzieci. Wszystkie Ból Ból. Aparaty do masażu. Pielęgnacja skóry. Pieluchy i pieluchomajtki.

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Promocje Strefa marek Nowości. Wspomaganie płodności. Kindii Pure, patyczki higieniczne dla niemowląt i dzieci, bawełniane, biodegradowalne, 60 sztuk. Kremy przeciwsłoneczne. Jeżówka purpurowa echinacea. Our diapers are deliberately not printed. Do stóp Do stóp. Quick view. Pielęgnacja ust dla dzieci. Zestawy kosmetyków. Zawartość opakowania 28 sztuk ekologicznych pieluch jednorazowych z bawełną organiczną Bambiboo Cottonwear. Termometry Termometry.

Bambiboo Cottonwear, ekologiczne pieluchy jednorazowe, rozmiar 1 Newborn, kg, 28 sztuk.

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Better for the environment - how does our nappy stand out from the crowd? This technology will provide the baby with extra comfort for the skin! The incision for the umbilical cord stump facilitates its safe healing and provides air access. The stripe on the diaper is a moisture indicator. This convenient "gadget" allows you to quickly capture the moment when the diaper is wet and requires a quick change. The nappies are perfume-free. To ensure that you can make an informed purchasing decision, our diapers have been strictly assessed by recognized international certification organizations - EU Ecolabel and Blauer Engel. The EU Ecolabel established by the European Commission guarantees that diapers have been designed and manufactured in such a way that their negative impact on the environment is minimized throughout the entire life cycle of the product - from raw material extraction, through production, packaging and transport, to disposal. As a proof that our diapers - in their product group - are less polluting for the environment while maintaining high standards in the field of human health protection, they have obtained the Blauer Engel certificate. Pulp obtained in a renewable manner and certified by the international Forest Stewardship Council. Our nappies contain organic cotton from sustainable agriculture. Modern technology that provides the baby with a feeling of dry bottom and comfort for the skin. The diaper has intelligent microchannels and a quick-drying layer. These solutions ensure immediate absorption of fluid and optimal distribution of moisture in the diaper, so that the delicate skin of your baby is as little exposed to irritation as possible. Thanks to the use of microchannels, the diaper is thinner and super comfortable. Carefully considered design and composition developed to minimize the risk of allergic reaction. And if your little one learns to unhook them, then hop!

This is why size 1 nappies for newborns have extra ultra-soft bamboo fibres. The bamboo in our products not only reduces the risk of skin irritation, but creates a soft and pleasant-to-the-touch feel. This is important especially because in the first weeks of bambiboo pieluchy newborn, newborns sleep a lot and spend most of their time lying down. Bambiboo nappies are a more environmentally-friendly solution that you can use on a daily basis. They are made of renewable raw materials, so they are commercially compostable. We know that our customers want to take care of our planet, bambiboo pieluchy newborn, so we make sure that the products they use are as environmentally-friendly as possible.

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Bambiboo pieluchy newborn. Bambiboo disposable nappies with bamboo fibre for newborns, size 1 Newborn (2-4kg) 26 pcs

Bambiboo Cottonwear rozmiar 1 Newborn to ekologiczne pieluchy jednorazowe z bawełną organiczną przeznaczone dla maluszków o wadze kg. Stworzone z myślą o niezwykle delikatnej skórze, która potrzebuje oddychającego materiału chroniącego przed wilgocią, bambiboo pieluchy newborn. Doskonale nadają się dla dzieci już od pierwszego dnia bambiboo pieluchy newborn. Posiadają wycięcie na pępek, aby zapewnić dostęp powietrza i ułatwić gojenie. Ekologiczne pieluszki Bambiboo Cottonwear z wycięciem na pępek to wygoda i komfort dla Twojego maluszka i jednocześnie ukłon w stronę ochrony środowiska. Zaloguj się lub. Lista życzeń. Ulubione 0 produktów. Zaloguj się lub załóż konto, aby mieć dostęp do Listy życzeń i zapisywać ulubione produkty na Twoim koncie. Załóż konto Zaloguj się.

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Do rąk i paznokci Do rąk i paznokci.

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