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Go Construct. The lesser sandhill crane wins the distance award for the longest migration, flying from eastern Siberia across the Bering Sea into North America, sometimes as far south as northern Mexico. Each type has its own tone and volume, from the soft honks of crowned cranes to the flutelike call of Siberian cranes. During a dance, the cranes pick up sticks, grass, feathers, or whatever small objects are near, tossing them up into the air with their bill. During the High Middle Ages , the treadwheel crane was reintroduced on a large scale after the technology had fallen into disuse in western Europe with the demise of the Western Roman Empire. The sentry would hold a stone in its claw, so that if it fell asleep, it would drop the stone and waken. Contrary to a popularly held belief, cranes on medieval building sites were neither placed on the extremely lightweight scaffolding used at the time nor on the thin walls of the Gothic churches which were incapable of supporting the weight of both hoisting machine and load. Wikisource has original text related to this article: The Description of a new and safe Crane, which has four different Powers; invented by Mr. Invest Discover how Crane's corporate structure continues to build long-term value for our shareholders. He eventually produced the hydraulic accumulator, a cast-iron cylinder fitted with a plunger supporting a very heavy weight. From their powerful calls to their intricate dances, cranes have enchanted people for centuries. They were once numerous in the prairie wetlands of the US and Canada, but settlers drained the wetlands to build farms and cities, and hunted the large birds for their meat. The long horizontal jib is the part of the crane that carries the load. Cranes use a slow, downward flap and a rapid upstroke.

Essential American English. A telescopic crane has a boom that consists of a number of tubes fitted one inside the other. Recreational Vehicles. This chassis can ride on the trailer. However, this is usually only an issue in a large crane and mostly done with a conventional crane such as a Link-Belt HC Go Construct. A rough terrain crane has a boom mounted on an undercarriage atop four rubber tires that is designed for off-road pick-and-carry operations. The extant diversity at the genus level is centered on eastern Africa , although no fossil record exists from there.


Sandhill crane A. Cranes employ different foraging techniques for different food types and in different habitats. Where more than one species of cranes exists in a locality, each species adopts separate niches to minimise competition. Cranes were so called from the resemblance to the long neck of the bird , cf. Through intensive efforts, there are now two distinct migratory populations—the only natural, self-sustaining whooping crane flocks left in the world. A species of true crane, Antigone cubensis , has similarly become flightless and ratite-like. These types of booms are often used for short term construction projects, rescue jobs, lifting boats in and out of the water, etc. The crane was sold to the Panama Canal in where it is now known as Titan. Translations Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. First, the crane must be able to lift the weight of the load; second, the crane must not topple; third, the crane must not rupture.

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  • A crane for lifting heavy loads was developed by the Ancient Greeks in the late 6th century BC, Crane.
  • The Carry Deck principle is the American version of the pick and Crane crane and both allow the load to be moved by the crane over short distances, Crane.
  • Tower crane with "luffing" jib.

Regal symbols. From their powerful calls to their intricate dances, cranes have enchanted people for centuries. These birds fly through Indigenous North American tribe legends, and Australian and European folklore, and some are considered sacred in Asia. Fifteen crane species range across five continents, with migratory cranes circumnavigating scorching deserts, mountain ranges, and frozen tundra. Because their migration routes defy the borders of nations, cranes are emblematic of peace and unity among diverse peoples. Cranes are large birds with a long neck and legs, a streamlined body, and long, rounded wings. Their size and graceful proportions make them easy to recognize by all. Cranes are some of the tallest birds in the world. In flight, their body forms a straight line from bill to toes, presenting a beautiful, elegant image. Cranes come with a broad array of adornments from ornamental wattles and crests to dramatic plumage colors. The blue crane even puffs out its feathers like a cobra when excited! On a wing and a prayer. Some cranes are migratory, and some of their migrations are of epic proportions in terms of distance and altitude. Once the average altitude of about 6, feet 2, meters is gained, cranes assume a V-formation and glide, calling to each other constantly. Whooping cranes have been known to fly as far as miles kilometers in a day, although about miles kilometers is the average. Meanwhile, some of the smaller demoiselle cranes navigate through the passes of the Himalayas in their migration, while others fly across the vast deserts of the Middle East and northern Africa. The lesser sandhill crane wins the distance award for the longest migration, flying from eastern Siberia across the Bering Sea into North America, sometimes as far south as northern Mexico. Cranes use a slow, downward flap and a rapid upstroke.

These examples Crane programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'crane, Crane, Crane. Send us feedback about these examples. Accessed 27 Feb. Crane 1 of 3 biographical name 1 ˈkrān Harold Hart — American poet Crane. Nglish: Translation of crane for Spanish Speakers.

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If something is the wrong way around, Crane, the part that Crane be at the front is at the back. Infinitive or -ing verb? Avoiding common mistakes with verb patterns 1. Add to word list Add Crane word list, Crane. The crane lifted the container off the ship. Machines - general words. Birds which live by or on inland water, Crane. He craned forward to see the procession. Mike was craning his Crane to get the first glimpse of the car. Stretching the body. We are one of the top crane hire companies in the country. At the time he was working as a crane operator.


Cranes are a type of large bird with long legs and necks in the biological family Gruidae of the order Gruiformes. The family has 15 species placed in four genera which are Antigone , Balearica , Leucogeranus , and Grus. Most species have muted gray or white plumages, marked with black, and red bare patches on the face, but the crowned cranes of the genus Balearica have vibrantly-coloured wings and golden "crowns" of feathers. Cranes fly with their necks extended outwards instead of bent into an S-shape and their long legs outstretched. Cranes live on most continents, with the exception of Antarctica and South America. Some species and populations of cranes migrate over long distances; others do not migrate at all.

English—Polish Polish—English. Each model and distinctive style of tower crane has a Crane lifting chart that can be applied to any radii available, depending on its configuration, Crane.

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