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They are dreadful we are using up to 10 a day!! This causes the diaper to no lo her be use able as it will not be able to fasten. I have been using pampers nappies since birth for both my kids. Thank You so much got a great product to keep our babys bottoms drycin the future. I recently bought the pampers premium care which I always do…currently I was so dissapointed and its the 4th nappy I had to waste 1st the stretchy side came off nw I have a problem of the nappy not sticking I have to say 4 me its a train smash coz pampers is the best nappy out there but now I think otherwise. Well it was all for not because the leak retention of this diaper is poor. This is not good as the goods should go through quality control before it is sent for packaging. The quality of Pampers is horrible, you look at the diaper and the jelly comes out, this is horrible, the diaper doesnt stick and even the smallest pee goes through it. This is the only diaper I will use. Please check the quality of yr pieces. Ur company should be a mother friendly company. So my husband and I picked up a pack a Luvs. Submit review Don't show this popup. Please write your matters to CEO by email, here is the official email address of Mr. I would like to know how to get my money back for these pampers.

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The diapers were falling apart. I use them all the time. I pay good money for these diapers I always buy from Sams club in Ohio and the last 2 boxes of diapers I have bought have been ripping and sticking together causing me to have to throw them away. I payed more money than I normally would…almost double! I too have issues with Pampers and returning an opened bag. I will not be buying any pampers diapers for her in the future. I will appreciate if someone get back to me regarding this matter. Well it was minutes because we were packing up car to go see parents.

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Growong up I knew that all I evercwanted. I am wondering if you changed your diapers? I use Pampers size 4 for my son, it is the second pack that leaks and the gel comes out, I am not happy with this as Pampers is a well known brand. Turnaround Time. Adobe InDesign. Disappointed because I love pampers and the box I got had some diapers that leaked. I I guess is time to try a new brand very disappointed pampers. To say im disappointed is a huge understatement. And the one we used recently all the pampers are not absorbed. I paid R for the box but the nappies is no good. Also found a hard piece of cotton? Second is today I brought a box of the overnight diapers and it seems like they package it wrong because they feel and look like the baby dry ones. Your overnight diapers are amazing!

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  • I am now using them on my 1 year old and I am not impressed.
  • Now, he is in size 1 as of yesterday.
  • So what are we supposed to do now.

Pampers is a diaper company operating under the Procter and Gamble corporate umbrella. The product line is higher-end than other diaper brands like White Cloud or Luvs, which means higher cost. There is some debate about whether higher cost diapers are more effective than more affordable brands. The choice of diaper brand tends to be personal with some parents just preferring one brand to another. The contact information provided on the Pampers customer service page is pretty detailed. Click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page for a complete list of current means to contact an agent. There is no official address for the Pampers customer service department, but you can contact Procter and Gamble corporate with all your compliments and complaints. The site is nothing more than a collection of product descriptions, articles on parenting for all stages of childhood and information on the Gifts to Grow program. Head over to your favorite social media website for up-to-date news and offers from Pampers. If you have an account on the social media site you can log in and contact Pampers customer service. You can contact Pampers customer service by email, but you can also contact community members using the online forum. If you have a question about a lawsuit or financial issue, call Pampers customer service during office hours to find out current information or talk with an agent about a refund request. Pampers customer service is only open Monday to Friday, so you cannot call on the weekends. The Gifts to Grow and corporate office are also closed on the weekends, so consumers who need to talk with a representative will have to make time during the weekdays. I bought a box of size 2 pampers. They also do not have the line that shows if they are wet.

We have provided complete information below, which you may use to simply contact the relevant people. Please find all of the relevant contact information listed below. Pampers released the first disposable diaper in Pampers made their debut in pieluchy anatomiczne Pampers e mail adresse were large, heavy diapers made of fluff pulp with a rayon topsheet and a polyethylene backsheet, pampers e mail adresse. Pampers had become a national brand in the United States at this time. Sizes for Toddlers and Premature Infants were also added.

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Do you have a complaint or concern which is critical to you or the company? You can get in touch with the authorities using the given address details. The details can also be used for posting official documentation and other kinds of communication. Pampers Headquarters, Photo Credit: Bloomberg. If you have suggestions, pampers e mail adresse, concerns or messages to share, please refer to the contact details given here. You may also get in touch with Pampers Headquarters on the numbers mentioned here. Please take a note of the Corporate Phone Line: You may call on this number on all week days i. It is our suggestion to post mails of important nature only at this address. You can route your complaints through the Customer Support Team, we have mentioned the details in the upcoming sections. Do you have an issue to discuss or complaint that is not resolved properly by the Customer Support? Please write your pampers e mail adresse to CEO by email, here is the official email address of Mr. David Tayler: taylor.

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It was horrible! Because for one the person that I spoke with was very rude.! Because when I called to let her know about the experience that I had with pampers is like she didn't even care! Because I was calling to let them know the worst experience that I've ever had with pampers and I got hung up on so no I would not recommend Pampers!!

Działa na rynku już od ponad pięćdziesięciu pięciu lat. Kindly,i request if it will be possible for me to be distributor of your products, you can reach me through

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