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I would first go to the the kindergarden teacher's class and she'll probably go to me to see if im diapered due to yesterday and if she didnt i'll go to her and whisper "I have a gun if you dont want any one to die you'll do what I say, now tell the kids you need to step outside" in order to not panic them because I'm not really gunna shoot 5 yrs then we'd go, durring classtime as to not draw a croud yet, to find that girl who drugged me, Then I'd tell the kindergarden teacher to "peak her head in and call the girl outside, no funny buisness or else. The girls fell about laughing at him. Terri then felt an unfamiliar soft object trace his bottom, he sobbed and flinched, fearing the first sensation would be a hard slap, but he cranked his head around and saw that Jenny was wiping his butt down it a napkin. Before I could start speaking she interrupted and said sternly,. Cute Baby Posted July 28, Smith pulled into the garage and turned off the car. I can't be a girl Share this post on Delicious. Madison sarcastically "Now you can touch yourself all you want. Terri suddenly had a flash back to the humiliation he endured when being changed by Principle Fields, Ms.

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He let loose a squeal as he then suddenly felt the cool air on his privates and the girls all laugh at him. I was just-" "Were you trying to cover up your little wee wee? During snack time I was told that kids who forgot their lunches had to drink apple juice and eat crackers. Terri could here her walk out of the room and shout towards the door. She squeezed the bottom of his diaper. Smith came out to see him. But me?

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Chapter 4. Massive Kudos. He walked into the halls and thanked them for being loud. I will be back soon. She threw me inside. Age Regression. First came the oil, she placed it on her hand and began to rub it in all round his stomach and thighs. I see there will be an update about how it is going in 6 months. He was too afraid to look down for fear of upsetting Madison. He got out of his wet bed, thankful he no longer had to lay in his own waste and walked out of his bedroom. Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. You couldn't talk to them while you pissed yourself, so you completely ignored your punishment? He then crept over the bushes and on to the sidewalk to peek around there. I-I'm a-a-a

Adult Baby Diaper School Pt. 1 by sissypansy on DeviantArt

  • The car rolled to a stop and Madison's mother quickly opened the door.
  • Nervously he placed a hand over his pink panties and began to move his hand back and forth.
  • Her face was made up with precision makeup with her hair pulled back in a tight pony tail, she pointed a perfectly manicured hand into the house and only said one word.
  • Please, don't remove them, otherwise punishment will be swiftly given".
  • Terri looked away from her beautiful gaze and sat in silences drinking his bottle while he laid in his wet bed.

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By wettumsMay 10, in Story and Art Forum. I will be starting a new story. Cute Baby 18 posts. Fulldiaper 3 posts. Phantom 4 posts. May 10, Chapter 3: Madison pushed him against some lockers that made a loud clang, she then proceeded to walk away. Terri couldn't help it, he had to stare at her back sissy humialation school pampers as she walked even though he f. Chapter 4: Terri stood up shaking grass and dirt from himself feeling defeated at the hands of the girls who now knew his secret and was wondering what they were going to do with it. He quickly r, sissy humialation school pampers.

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Sissy humialation school pampers. Adult Baby Diaper School Pt. 1

First, is baby Jimmy and his Owner, Master Pain. Second is baby Cathy and her Owner, Mommy Jane, and. Third is baby Jennifer and her Owner, sissy humialation school pampers, Daddy Kevin. The Adult Baby Diaper School offers 3 different course variables, all courses include the standard 1 week Bedwetting Training course, and the 1 week Humiliation Training course, sissy humialation school pampers. This is ideal for this sissy who will be wearing diapers daily, but usually will not wet or mess them with any degree of Incontinence. This sissy will be trained to use a potty bucket or potty scissors. This course is ideal for exposing the sissy to the humiliation of not being able to use a real toilet, and having to beg to be allowed to use its potty. This course includes the standard 1 week Bedwetting Training, 1 week of Humiliation Training and 2 weeks of Bondage Training. This course includes The Bedwetting Training course, the 2 week Bondage Training course and extra week of Humiliation training, also, an additional week of Humiliation Training is available for a nominal fee. This course is geared toward the sissy that will never be allowed sissy humialation school pampers semblance of Adulthood ever again.

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It's their panties they were wearing during the cheerleader practice, the one that you were caught peeping into.

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Being Made to Wear Nappies

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